I was twelve years old when I entered a keyboard instrumental in a state wide song writing contest in lubbock Tx.  I placed second in the contest and I still compose today.  I currently reside in Michigan and I’ve had the love of music all my life. My favorite thing to do is create and perform music to others.  All of my oringals are keyboard prominent and songs very in different styles.  I have recently written two jazz band charts, which the Lansing community college jazz band has played and maybe considering performing them. The compositions are written so even the moderate High School Jazz Band to professional musicians can perform them. The two jazz compositions are: “Ain’t Making This Up “ and “Rolling Along”

Ain’t Making This Up 

Director score: 24 pages. Full instrumental scores. Lead singer score with two back up vocals scores.

Rolling Along​​​​​​​

Director score: 14 pages, Full instrumental scores.

I am looking for other musicians to work with, on mine and others compositions.  I am looking for a publisher to put these two charts on the market and or a direction for distribution.  If you have access to a jazz band, high school up, please contact me I would like to talk to you.

The history of my back ground is very simple.  I was honored to make the: “Who's Who in Music” Music Hall of Fame of 1978.  Played bass trombone Jr High School thru College and composed jazz charts. But the most important part of my history is that I love to play.  My music is a progressive jazz / rock style, and the songs I write are instrumentals and are at the ground level for the songs to expand. I am looking for fellow music powerhouse musicians to bring these compositions to life.

Feel free to play along with my songs, even though the majority of the music is keyboard it could still use a good guitar, bass, drums and vocals.  Got a idea? Let me know. Maybe we can make our ideals a reality. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy my work.

Your friend in music,

Rick Haynes


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Music Room